28 nov 2004


Ok this year I'm busy, and I don't have lots of free time. Anyway some weeks ago CoBB released his pinball game, Acelgoyobis (official site, I helped him a bit on this game (testing/commenting), and I really recommend you try it ! Also I did some z80 stuff, but nothing releasable... and I've learned some php to code the next version of this site using it. That's all

19 sep 2004 v0.42

I've just modified my album script. The changes are : Get it in the 'misc' section.

28 aou 2004


Thanks to duck (at maxcoderz), I now have a gmail address. Google Mail is a new free mail service, with 1Gb of storage :). Too bad it doesn't support yet opera, but I'm quite glad to test this anyway. My address at gmail is urhart a t gmail d o t com. I still use my address though.

20 aou 2004


I've added a new page, misc.html, and put in it two small bash scripts I've written for personnal use. I've also updated the about and links pages.

02 jui 2004

vacations + exams results

I've been busy with my exams during the last weeks, and so I've been a little inactive... Anyway I'm in vacations now, I got a 'mention B' with 15.13 (wich is quite good), and I'm gonna try to finish my projects (the worm, maybe the shoot'em up).

25 mai 2004

PaperPlane released + featured !

PaperPlane was released 3 days ago, and has been feaured, with its news item at I'm really happy, for me, and for Deus Makina...

19 mai 2004

linux + progress

Ok I got a new screen, so I could use again my old PC and install linux again (mandrake 10.0). I had to share my connection and set up a lot of stuff (like my WM, xfce4, which is excellent). I've also worked a lot on paperplane and it's almost finished...

24 avr 2004

music stuff

I've added a waltz, and encoded all the files to mp3. See the music section.

18 avr 2004

rom 19.006 patched for vti

Jumbo, one of the guys who 'ported' CrASH to the newest roms (version 19.006) has just released a patch for this rom to work on vti (due to hardware changes, this rom was freezing vti). Here is the original rom 19.006 (dumped by Marc Plouhinec), here is the patch, and here is the rom patched. Jumbo made this patch after the work on that rom we did together, and I'm quite proud he's released it now. Please note that you're not allowed to keep these roms more than a day if you don't own the corresponding calculator (I believe this is the rule, I may be wrong...).

15 avr 2004

screenshot of Paper Plane

A friend of mine, who killed himself a few months ago, had started a nice game, Paper Plane. I had decided to finish it, for my friend. I've found time during vacations to work on it, and there's progress... Here is a screenshot. Enjoy

4 avr 2004

new song

I've just finished 09, my last song. Download it in the music section.

31 mar 2004

time for an update !

I've been quite busy the last weeks with my z80 projects (the worm and a new ... quite secret one also). Anyway this update only adds some links to the links page (d'oh).

8 mar 2004

fire effect and... finally added my fire effect to their archives yesterday. Get it here. By the way I'm recoding trigWorm from scratch, for the 82/83/83p calculators at once

28 feb 2004

about.html added

I've added the 'about' section, explaining stuff abut me and this site. By the way I'm still waiting for the Fire Demo to be archived at

20 feb 2004

small fixes on index.html

I've rewritten some css stuff, now index.html is correctly displayed with either Opera7, IE6, Netscape7 or Firefox. The whole site's font has also changed : it's now Arial, much more common than Lucida. Please report any display glitch on the site...

13 feb 2004

TI page completed

I've added of my games, and uploaded evrything

12 feb 2004

everything online

Allright I've sent everything.

february 2004

new version of the site : pacHa-web v3 !

With my new computer, I've been able to program and compose music again. Moreover I took time to recode entirely from scratch this site, with a lot of css and clean xhtml. By the way I reorganised all the files of the previous versions of this page, they're now all available. Feel free to write me any comment or suggestion.