about me



age and birth date

16 y.o. (born september the 2nd, 1987)



languages known

(x)html, css, z80 asm, TI-basic, a bit of C (with SDL), a little bit of bash

other stuff in life

I'm playing the saxophone for 8 years now, the piano and the trombone for ~1 year. I play with friends in a band.



about this site


I've made this website in order to have somewhere to put my TI stuff, ~1 year ago I believe


this is the third version of the site. The two previous ones were bad-coded and did not validate xhtml, this ones does (should at least !), and moreover this one uses a lot of css for the layout


I've written entirely this website from scratch, in xhtml with css. In fact I've rewritten the v2 to this v3 because of articles I read about css and layout (see the links section), and I was impressed by css's power and layout-ing possibilities. I've used crimson editor, bluefish, kwrite, wordpad...


some of you may wonder why this site is written in (not good) english, although I'm french. It's because the internet is nowadays english, especially in programming communities. The second reason it's because I'm really too lazy to translate everything I write and put it into a separate page, and my stats prove it, only ~45% of the visitors are from France. The third reason is, I love english. Hope it explains why

style and layout

yes, this website doesn't have flashy colors. It black and white, with only one colour : the blue. It's because I like simple colours and light stuff (almost no image, except for the TI page, with animated screenshots). I must say I don't care if you like or not, because I do.