pacHa's page


01 fev 2004 Updates
Ok, first of all I've programmed two things this week : my project of worm game (see screenshot -13ko-) and a little fire effect (screenshot -23ko-). I'm gonna release the effect soon (and port it to 83/+), and the worm game _when_it's_done_. I've also thought about rewriting my website more cleanly after having read this (english - francais).

24 jan 2004 New computer !
I've got a new pc since a week, and there's win xp on it. It means I have been able to run ModPlug and my z80 programming tools ! And so I'm happy !

29 dec 2003 Updates online
This page is now online, and some minor changes have been done to the site. By the way I managed to run correctly the skale tracker. I'm thus gonna be able to compose music again :)

25 dec 2003 News page added
As you can see, I've added this page, where I'll post general news. By the way, I'm still running Linux only (distro mdk 9.2), and so I can't program in asm and I can't compose music with ModPlug (coz I haven't Wine working correctky).